I'm Very Happy becuase I found Monica's Gang Gogo's Crazy Bones! I have been wanting these for a long time, but these being exclusive to Brazil makes them very hard to find. I finally found some! I'm very happy! I can't wait until they arrive! I may make A Few Remakes of Monica's Gang with these. :)

Monica Collection

My Turma Da Monica Gogo's! :)

They Arrived!!!

These Gogo's arrived about 2 or 3 Months ago (Sorry, I forgot to post this earlier, lol!!!), and they were very nice!!! I'm so happy to have these in My Gogo's Crazy Bones Collection!!! I have made a Monica's Gang Gogo's Short on My Youtube Channel!!! Special Thanks to Firewalker75 for selling these to me!!! :D

My Monica's Gang Gogo's!!! :D

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