Age Child
Race Human
Gender Male
Likes Play, haunt and fishing
Dislikes Deforestation and illegal hunters

Tom-Tom (Papa-Capim in Portuguese) is the main character of The Tribe.


Tom-Tom is a young sagacious and kindly Brazilian indigenous - a "curumim" in the often used Tupi-Guarani term - that resides in the Amazonian Forest. He is responsible for fishing to feed the people from his tribe. He have a friend called Tamoyo and a girlfriend called Papaya. He is an avid hunter and fisher, but above all, an environment protector that won't allow any "Caraíba" to harm the jungle and its animals.


  • His brazilian name, Papa-Capim, is based at the bird yellow-bellied seedeater (papa-capim-capuchinho in portuguese).