Age 10
Race Human
Gender Male
Role Recurring character
Likes Baking

Toddy (Quinzinho in Portuguese) is a recurring character in Monica's Gang.


He is the son of the owner of a local bakery and is of Portuguese descent. Maggy has a crush on him.


Toddy is a boy with brown hair and black eyes. He wears a white baker's hat, a red shirt, black shorts and brown shoes.



Monica and Toddy are portrayed as close friends. Monica goes to his dad's bakery and buys Quinzinho's loaves.

Jimmy FiveEdit

Jimmy and Toddy are portrayed as neutral friends. Jimmy refers to Toddy as the skinny's boyfriend, 'cause he dates Maggy. Jimmy tries everything to Toddy doesn't deliver loaves to Maggy. Sometimes Jimmy Five plays soccer with Toddy along with Smudge and Sunny.


Smudge and Toddy are portrayed as neutral friends. Smudge accompanies Jimmy Five to prevent Toddy deliver bread to Maggy and, like Jimmy Five, refers Quinzinho as the skinny's boyfriend. Smudge sometimes plays with Toddy along with Jimmy and Sunny.


Sunny and Toddy are portrayed as neutral friend. Sunny, like Jimmy and Smudge, refers to Toddy as skinny's boyfriend and, also like them, tries to prevent Toddy deliver loaves to Maggie.


Maggy and Toddy are portrayed as girlfriend and boyfriend. Toddy is Maggy's boyfriend and always delivers loaves to her, even Jimmy Five, Smudge and Sunny tries to prevent him to do it.


  • He haves a pet kitten who dates the Vanilla, his girlfriend's cat.
  • Contrary to what some people think, he is not the first descendant of Portuguese of the class, because the first one was Manezinho.
  • It has already been revealed that his sign is capricorn, but in a story he states that his sign is a virgin since it was born in the month of September.