The Cavern Clan ("Turma do Piteco") is a Brazilian comic strip, created in 1961 by Mauricio de Sousa and part of the Monica's Gang series. It centers around a prehistoric tribe in the Stone Age, but also anachronistically depicts them living in the presence of dinosaurs. Most of the stories feature Piteco hunting dinosaurs, running away from Tooga, or even he and his friends fighting against other village’s people.

Characters[edit] Edit

  • Pitheco (Piteco) – his full name is Pithecanthropus Erectus da Silva. He lives in the fictional Lem Village. He is mostly portrayed as a hunter who goes after dinosaurs and fish to eat. In some stories he is also shown as a genius inventor able to create tools, furniture and accessories used by the contemporary man. He also has to deal with Tooga, who is always attempting to marry him against his will. In most of the early stories, Piteco found Horacio (another character, a small philosophical T-rex) in his egg, but he troubled Lem and was forced to leave.
  • Tooga (Thuga) – Tooga has a strong crush on Pitheco Her biggest dream is to marry him. However, Pitheco disapproves her idea. Tooga sometimes uses brute force to marry him (like capturing him and taking him to the "church"), but Pitheco always manages to escape.
  • Hank (Bolota) – Pitheco's best friend. He is the one to give advice to Pitheco, when he finds himself in a difficult situation.
  • Loony Lou (Beleléu) - Pitheco's cousin. A weird physicist of that village. However as useful his inventions may seem, the citizens consider him a madman.
  • Zoom & Boom (Zum e Bum) – identical twin thieves. They are homeless, but spend several nights at the local police prison. Their stories mostly feature them trying to escape from prison or attempting to steal valuable objects;
  • Uncle Glunc (Tio Glunc) - Tooga's 50-year-old uncle. A greedy, petty and selfish old man, he just wants to learn to become rich and make easy money at the expense of others. He is arrogant, hates poor people and wants distance from them. Does not support Pitheco and tries at all costs to marry his niece with a rich husband and good party, so he can be sustained by both;
  • Ogra - Tooga's best friend. A huge, brute and ugly woman that, like her friend, is single and looking for a boyfriend.
  • Juiz da Paz - The judge from Lem Village, responsible for maintaining order in the clan and also organize weddings.
  • Horacio - a young dinosaur that was the pet to Pitheco in the first strips. Until 1963 he followed Pitheco in the stories, until to get his own spin-off series.

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