Age 7 years (Monica's Gang); 15 years (Monica Teen)
Race Human
Gender Female
Role Main Character
Likes Samson, Red dresses, Jimmy Five
Dislikes Puns with her

Monica is the first main character who was created in 1963. She is a Brazilian 7-year-old child within a useful bravery. If a bothersome mind or Jimmy Five is provoking her (as Samson was easily snatched and stolen), she is able to hit and smack both Jimmy Five and Smudge with Samson.


Monica tends to be very angry, especially with Smudge and Jimmy Five, but most of the time, She is very kind and protective of her friends. With Maggie, her best friend, She is always happy and cheerful. She usually falls in love with some boys in the Lemon Tree Street. Until, for any motif, she can't stay with him, and then the love ends, because of Jimmy Five, who is her true love.


Monica appears with a red blouse and has no shoes. She has Samson with her at all appearances. Her hairdo is black and banana-like and appears with buckteeth, although some people call her toothy.


  • Monica was based on Mauricio's daughter, also named Monica.
  • Monica's buckteeth are similar to Bucky's buckteeth.


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