Mary Angela Five
Maria Cebolinha
Maria cebolinha
Age 2
Race Human
Gender Female
Role Recurring character
Likes Her brother
Dislikes -

Mary Angela Five (Maria Cebolinha in Portuguese) is a recurring character in Monica's Gang.

Personality Edit

Mary Angela is Jimmy Five's baby sister. She is very curious, which drives Jimmy crazy, as he is the one to look for her when his parents are not home.

Appearance Edit

Mary Angela is shorter than Jimmy, and has black hair and eyes. She wears a pink dress.

 Trivia Edit

  • Mary Angela is based on one of Mauricio's daughters: Mariângela Spada e Sousa.[1]
  • Mary Ángela is one of the characters based on Mauricio's children, the others are Monica, Maggy and Marina.

References Edit

  1. Personagens da Turma da Monica inspirados nos filhos de Mauricio de Sousa