Age 9
Race Human
Gender Female
Role Major character
Likes Drawing
Marina Takeda Sousa is one of the characters of Monica's Gang which was based on a real person, the daughter of Mauricio De Sousa, Marina Souza. In the stories, Mauricio and his wife Alice are the parents of Marina.


Marina is a friendly Brazilian girl, being friends with everyone in the Gang. Influenced by her father, Mauricio De Sousa himself, Marina developed taste for drawing and painting, having much talent for this and always receiving several requests for drawings of friends.

Marina was originally part of the real world but was delighted with the comics made by her father, who with the help of a magic pencil given to her by himself, can enter the world of comics whenever she wants. 

In Monica Teen, Marina remains the same delicate girl, beautiful and talented as ever. She still has taste for drawing, but she began practicing karate. She is one of the youngest girls of the group. She is calm and controlled. 

Gogo's Crazy Bones Monica's Gang, Marina.

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