Age 7 years old (Monica's Gang); 15 years old (Monica Teen)
Race Human
Gender Female
Role Main Character
Likes Watermelon, Fruit, Her best friend, Toddy, Cats
Dislikes Classes

Maggie (also known as Margaret) is the fourth main character of Monica's Gang. She is Monica's friend, at which she stars by a few stories along with her pet cat named Vanilla. She first appeared in 1963.


Maggie/Margaret has a habit of being a glutton, because how she eats due by a few scenes of the story. Watermelon is her favorite food or fruit when shown by the first North American cover, film cover, and the opening of her own shows.


Unlike Monica, she wears a yellow blouse and has no shoes on. Her hair is black is separated by a line. It has three strands of hair on both sides and on the top.


  • Maggie/Margaret was named as Magali in Portuguese, one of Sousa's daughters. The others are Monica, Mary Angela, and Marina.


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