Lionel's Kingdom (Portuguese: Turma da Mata, literally The Forest Gang) is a Brazilian comic strip created in 1961 and part of the Monica's Gang comic strips. The series is a funny animal comic strip, with mostly anthropomorphic animals who almost all walking on two feet (except for Tim Turtle), wear clothes, and obviously, are able to speak. Their home is a forest, presumably in Brazil, although featuring mostly African animals.

Characters Edit

  • Thunder (Jotalhão)

Main article: Thunder

  • King Lionel (Rei Leonino) - The king of the forest. This brown lion feels really pleased to be occupying the throne and to be giving orders to his vassals, although he's not a dictator or an authoritarian. He lives in his palace, which is actually a cavern, protected by monkey-guards.
  • Lou Courier (Ministro Luís Caxeiro) – Lionel's most important and loyal vassal and employee. Although he is officially the Minister of Come & Go, he serves Lionel more like a secretary. He serves as a messenger between Lionel and his kingdom, and vice versa, making him also a spokesman. Lou is a blue hedgehog.
  • Tim Turtle (Tarugo) – One of Thunder's best friends. This green jabuti wears glasses, and has his head coming out of the middle of his carapace, instead of the front edge, as a normal jabuti. Also, he has wheels instead of feet (although initially he would have normal feet). His Portuguese name is a pun on the word "Tartaruga", which means Turtle in that language.
  • Mc Fox (Raposão) – Thunder's best friend, a smart fox.
  • Ant Rita (Rita Najura) – A small purple ant. She has a crush on Thunder, despite the differences between them, either in size, either in species, and her attempts include creating traps for him to marry her against his will.[2][3] Rita's attempts to date Thunder are almost the only subject of her strips - a similar situation to that of Piteco and Tooga, characters of another set related to Monica's Gang. Her Portuguese name is a pun on the word tanajura (Atta), a Brazilian species of ant.
  • Mr. Zig Zag (Coelho Caolho) – This rabbit also wears glasses and lives under the ground, on a burrow filled with his uncountable children,[4] a reference to the high rates of reproduction of rabbits. The official number of children is 118,[5][6] although there are no instances where all 118 appear together.

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