Jimmy Five


Cebola inteiro

Age 7 years (Monica's Gang); 15 years (Monica Teen)
Race Human
Gender Male
Role Main Character
Likes Putting Knots in Samson, Monica
Dislikes When he changes his "R"s with "W"s

Jimmy Five (also known as Cebolinha in Portuguese) is the second main character who was created in 1960. Jimmy's family name is "Cebola"[1].

He has a little baby sister called Mary Angela also based on a real person.


Jimmy Five is incapable of pronouncing the sound of the r letter, replacing it with the letter l, in the Portuguese comics, or with the letter w, in the English version. When the letter is used in the end of a word, however, he pronounces it normally. He is also the youngest of the main characters.


Out of the main cast of Monica's Gang he is the only one to regularly wear shoes. He often complains and despairs over his main physical feature - his lack of any hair other than five single strands. He was originally drawn with a full head of hair, which often becomes a topic in his laments to the comic artist to "help him out" and restore his full head of hair.


  • Jimmy Five is the only character who is wearing shoes by all stories with the exceptions of Monica, Smudge, and Maggy/Margaret. Another is Franklin.
  • Jimmy Five's Portuguese name, Cebolinha, means "chive" or "green onion".
  • In the Five Magical Strands, Jimmy Five is the only character appeared having a bald head. After Smudge took his last strand, he appeared to have a full head.



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