Monicaa (2)
In September 2011, Monica's Gang got made into Gogos Crazy Bones. Gogos Crazy Bones are very popular toys based off a game called Knucklebones. They are hard plastic figures that you can collect and play games with. There are 60 Monica's Gang characters to collect. These were distrubuted by Panini These Gogos are only available in Brazil making them very hard to find. Some were in specially marked packages of Fini Gummies. There were also Mega Monica's Gang Gogos. There were 2 Tins with 8 Mega Monica Gogos in each Tin. The other Mega Monica Gogos were sold at Unissul Supermarkets in Brazil, along with yo-yos.
  • Monica Tin 1
  • Monica Tin 2
  • Fini Monica Gogos
  • Unissul Monica's Gang Mega Gogos and Yo-Yo
  • Gogos Crazy Bones Monica's Gang Collection
  • Monica's Gang Gogos AD
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