Age Unknown
Race Yellow oval dog-like creature
Gender Male
Role Major character

Glu is a recurring character in comic strips featuring Blu.

Glu is not an enemy, but usually annoys Blu by doing almost everything to take part of his strips. Blu never accepts, so Glu sees himself forced to perform his famous "imitations", even against Blu's wills. However, in the end he is always kicked off the strip (literally). He always says "Alô, mamãe!" (Hello, mommy!) when he enters the strip, and "Tchau, mamãe!" (Bye, mommy!), when he is kicked off. He has also appeared as Mister B (a reference to the magician Mr. M), a great magician who everybody thought to be Blu.

Glu was one of the few characters not conceived by de Sousa himself, but by his brother Márcio, who describes him as his "self-portrait" for always trying to "steal his famous brother's show".

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