Denise san


Age 9
Race Human
Gender Female
Role Secondary Character
Likes Shopping at the mall, gossip, Her best friend, Sunny
Dislikes Not be invited to parties

Denise is one of the most charismatic characters of Monica's Gang. At first she was just a secondary character, but she was given the most importance in the comics in recent years.

She is the gossip girl of the Lemon District, always on top of everything and turned on everything that happens with the gang, Denise has a great self-esteem and is always updated and sticking to modernity. Her best friend is Carmen, is portrayed sometimes as a friend, sometimes an enemy of the girls of the district and always willing to give an "up" in the mood.

Personality Edit

Denise describes herself as updated, tuned, multimedia and "the smartest girl in the school"[1], however, she is called "gossiper" by other residents of the Lemon District. She hates not being invited to parties, being able to spoil the birthday party of her best friend Carmen and set traps to be the first person to enter the ballad.[2] She has a high self esteem and is undeterred by almost anything, unless it's related to fashion and parties, so it has already given several advices to Monica about Jimmy Five and Smudge.

Appearance Edit

Unlike other characters, Denise has had several designs, but even with its current design set she has appeared with several different dresses in the comics. Denise have been blonde, brunette, redhead, now her hair is brown pulled over to red.

Image Description Appearance(s)
Denise 50
Denise shows up wearing a pink dress with the same style as his other dresses, shoes in the same color and earring and ribbon matching. "Monica's Gang Nº 50 - Did You Noitice Something Different?"

References Edit

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