Timoteo "Titi"
Bucky Titi
Age 9
Race Human
Gender Male
Role Recurring character
Likes Isabel

Bucky (Titi in the original Brazilian version) is a recurring character in Monica's Gang.


He is one of Franklin's best friends. He is bucktoothed like Monica, but his friends barely make fun of him. He is dating Isabel but hangs around with any girls he sees. Because of this, Isabel ends up being jealous.


He is a kid with black hair and eyes. He is bucktoothed like Monica. He wears a yellow and black striped shirt, red shorts and brown shoes.


  • His real name is actually Timoteo.
  • Despite flirting with all the girls in the Lemon Street, he dies of jealousy when some boy talks to Isabel. The same happen with Isabel in relation to Bucky.
  • Bucky, different from the others in his gang, go to school, that is, he's much older, having ten years old.